Special teams

Dive Team


The Truckee Fire & Police Water Rescue Recovery Team will assist in any water rescue as deemed necessary by the Incident Commander (IC) in bodies of water in the Town of Truckee, Eastern Nevada and Placer Counties or as otherwise requested. The team’s primary mission will be to effect rescue of submerged victims in most types of water related incidents. The team’s secondary mission will be to assist requesting agencies with investigative authority. These may include search and recovery dives of drowning victims and search and recovery of other items of importance.

Tahoe Truckee Regional Rescue Team

The Truckee Tahoe Regional Rescue Team (TTRRT) is a multi-agency organization representing El Dorado, Placer, Sierra, and Nevada counties. The team is comprised of the following departments from the Truckee / North Lake Tahoe region: Truckee Fire, North Tahoe Fire, Northstar Fire and Squaw Valley Fire. By combining resources from several organizations and providing highly trained members for incidents, the team is able to supply an increased level of technical rescue proficiency, provide increased staffing at incidents and reduce the staffing burden of individual organizations all while creating a safer and more efficient incident scene.

The TTRRT is designed as a rescue rigging team specializing in multiple disciplines, including low and high angle rope rescue, swiftwater rescue (including flood / flat water), ice rescue, avalanche rescue and confined space rescue.

Placer County Eastern Regional HAZMAT Team

The mission of the Truckee Fire HAZMAT Response Team is to protect life, property, and the environment by isolating, containing, and mitigating hazardous materials incidents, responding to CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives) emergencies, and minimizing the dangers associated with them.

The Truckee Fire Protection District, in partnership with California State OES, provides and maintains the Eastern Region Type II Certificated HAZMAT Team. All members of the team are trained to the Technician/Specialist Level, which is the highest level of training for California emergency responders, to include WMD training. The majority of the team is made up of Truckee Fire personnel, with members from other regional departments, including North Lake Tahoe Fire, North Tahoe Fire, Northstar Fire, and Squaw Valley Fire.

The HAZMAT response equipment is stationed at our Airport Station 96 and can respond to not only Truckee Fire’s immediate area but also neighboring districts and even to the west side of the Sierras, if needed. The team trains continually to help prepare for possible emergencies occurring along the interstate 80 corridor, the railroad, and other target hazards within the district. The team also works closely with the military civil support team and other fire districts to maintain a high level of readiness.