Smoke detectors

The Truckee Fire Protection District feels strongly about the ability of smoke detectors to save lives during residential fires. Most fatalities caused by structure fires occur while people are asleep, so early detection is key to your survival. The Truckee Fire Protection District provides battery operated smoke detectors to any resident with our district boundaries. When needed, we will also assist you install and test your detector's batteries. The life you save by installing and maintaining your smoke detector may be yours.

Residents within the Truckee Fire Protection District can get their smoke detector at any of our fire stations. For more information about smoke detectors, please call our Prevention Office at 530.582.7853

Smoke Detectors FAQ's:

How much does a smoke detector cost?
A smoke detector can be purchased at most retail stores for prices ranging from $5 to $20.
What kind of smoke detector should I buy?
Both battery powered and house current powered (hard wired) smoke detectors will work. It is important to understand that hard wired smoke detectors still require a battery backup in case of power outages. The advantage of hard wired smoke detectors is that they can be interconnected so that when one sounds an alarm; all the detectors will also sound an alarm.
Where should I place the smoke detector?
The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that residents install smoke detectors in every bedroom and at the entrance (hallways) of every sleeping area in your home. Smoke detectors should also be located on every level of your home (including basements). Smoke detectors should be placed at the highest point in a room on either the ceiling or on a wall. If you are going to install your detector on the ceiling, position the detector 12 inches from any wall. Smoke detectors that are installed on a wall should be positioned 12 inches below the ceiling. To ensure that the detector stays clean and in good working condition, install the detectors away from any heater/air conditioning vent, ceiling fans or windows.
How do I install my smoke detector?
Battery operated smoke detectors can be installed virtually anywhere. Almost every smoke detector you can purchase comes with mounting hardware. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer's recommendations when installing your smoke detector. Smoke detectors that are designed to be hard wired to your home's electrical system may require the services of an electrician.
What maintenance do smoke detectors require?
In order to keep your smoke detectors in clean, operating condition, keep them free of dust buildup. Your some detectors should be tested once a month and the batteries should be replaced in the spring and fall, when you reset your clocks. The lifespan of a smoke detector is only 10 years, so consider writing the purchase date or replacement date for each detector on the battery cover with a permanent marker so you will be reminded when it is time to replace your smoke detectors.
Are there special smoke detectors to help alarm young children or the hearing and/or visually impaired?
Yes, recent studies have should than children may sleep through the sound of a smoke detector. Companies are beginning to release smoke detectors with the ability for owners to record a message that will be played instead of the "beep" alarm.
In order to protect the visually impaired and hearing impaired, there are special smoke detectors that have an extra loud alarm and a bright flashing strobe light.
Is there anything else I should do with my smoke detector?
Yes! Hold practice drills with your family to ensure that everyone knows what to do when they hear a smoke detector alarm.
To view the National Fire Protection Association's Smoke Alarm Safety Tips, click HERE