Chief's Message


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Truckee Fire Protection District's website.  Truckee Fire has a proud history of serving our community since 1894, and I have been a proud member of this outstanding organization for over 20 years.  We continue to be challenged with tighter budgets, increasing expectations, changing risks and an ever growing and fluctuating community.  I have witnessed many changes in the community and subsequently to this organization over the years, but the one thing that has remained constant is Truckee Fire’s unwavering commitment to serving our community.

As Fire Chief, I have the privilege to serve a great community and work alongside some of the most talented individuals in the Fire Service.   I have watched time and again members of our Fire Department perform heroic deeds and monumental acts of kindness and compassion while, at the same time, never wanting to take the spotlight for such acts.  The statement, “I was just doing my job” is an almost routine quote from them and I am very proud each time I hear it. 

The Truckee Fire Protection District is an "All Risk" district, meaning we will respond to the needs of the community, regardless of the nature of the incident and begin the process of solving the problem to lead to a positive outcome. The District is comprised of specialists in the areas of Structural Firefighting, Vehicle Extrication, Confined Space Rescue, Airport Rescue Firefighting, Hazardous Materials response, Urban Search and Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Swift Water and Ice Rescue, Dive Rescue Operations and Wildland Firefighting.  Finally, every member of the Truckee Fire Protection District is a trained and Accredited Paramedic providing the most advanced prehospital care available.

We are proud of the extensive fire prevention and safety education programs that we have been able to provide to our youth, beginning in kindergarten and continuing through to high school.  Business inspections, wildfire property inspections and other safety programs help keep our community a safe place to live and work.

In closing, our promise to the communities of the District is that we will strive to maintain our level of outstanding customer service and will always be prepared to respond to your needs at all times with professionalism, compassion, and respect regardless of the situation you may find yourself in.   


Bill Seline
Fire Chief