Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is banned?
Residential campfires/bonfires that burn anything other than gas. BBQ’s that burn solid fuel like charcoal briquettes, wood or lump charcoal including the Big Green Egg type.

What is allowed?
Outdoor gas devices including campfires, gas fire pits, gas BBQ’s, pellet burning devices.

Who is exempt?
Designated state and federal campgrounds/day-use picnic areas, private campgrounds and community picnic areas with a valid permit, outdoor special event/commercial cooking operations with a valid permit.

Will the ban start when CalFire announces fire season for the entire state? 
Yes, typically starting in the month of June and ending after we receive significant moisture, usually in November or as determined by Truckee Fire Protection District.

Can people use a briquette fuel based smoker at their home?
No, the issue being that there are briquettes used and there still exists a risk of improper disposal of charcoal remnants.

Can people use a wood pellet fuel based BBQ/smoker (i.e.,Traeger)?
Yes, pellet burning devices are well contained and fully consumed to ash with no super-heated particles remaining that could start a fire after disposal.

Can people add wood shavings, like apple wood and other types you can buy for added flavoring, to a smoker or gas grill?
No, the addition of wood shavings will present a similar risk of incomplete combustion and improper disposal that can start a wildfire.

Would the district consider issuing briquette BBQ permits to individual residents, like the burn permit or the campfire permit the Forest Service issues?  
No, with over 15,000 residential structures in the district, there is no logistical/financial way to inspect, issue, or enforce permits of that magnitude.

Will permits be issued for special events/commercial cooking that uses briquette/wood BBQ’s?
Yes, these operations will be inspected for safe practices and issued a permit with specific operating guidelines. For permits, please visit our special events page.

Will there be additional fire restrictions during extreme wind, red flag, events?
Yes, as in the past, ALL open flames will be restricted during Red Flag days.