Knox Box Application

The businesses within the Truckee Fire Protection District that have Fire Alarm Systems are also required to have a Knox-Box. The Knox-Box Rapid Entry System is specifically designed for Fire Department use, and provides the Fire Department with access to commercial properties in the event of a fire alarm activation.

The Knox-Box system may also be utilized at residences as well as on access gates in the form of a Knox-Box padlock.

It is important that owners of a Knox-Box maintain current, working keys within the box so that when the Fire Department needs to gain access, they are able to do so.

Business owners within the Truckee Fire Protection District can complete the Online Knox Box Application. After the Truckee Fire Prevention Bureau reviews and approves the application, the Knox-Box will be shipped.

If you are interested in learning more about the use and requirements of a Knox-Box, please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at 530.582.7853.