The Truckee Fire Protection District is an "All Risk" district, meaning we will respond to the needs of the community, regardless of the nature of the incident, and begin the process of solving the problem to lead to a positive outcome. The District is comprised of specialists in the areas of Structural Firefighting, Vehicle Extrication, Confined Space Rescue, Airport Rescue Firefighting, Hazardous Materials Response, Urban Search and Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Swift Water and Ice Rescue, Dive Rescue Operations and Wildland Firefighting.

Wildland firefighting

Wildfire suppression is a range of firefighting tactics used to suppress wildfires. Firefighting efforts in wild land areas require different techniques, equipment, and training from the more familiar structure fire fighting found in populated areas. Working in conjunction with specially designed aerial firefighting aircraft, these wildfire-trained crews suppress flames, construct fire lines, and extinguish flames and areas of heat to protect resources and natural wilderness. Wildfire suppression also addresses the issues of the wildland-urban interface, where populated areas border with wild land areas.



Aircraft Rescue fire fighting (ARFF)

Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) is a special category of firefighting that involves the response, hazard mitigation, evacuation and possible rescue of passengers and crew of an aircraft involved in (typically) an airport ground emergency. Due to the mass casualty potential of an aviation emergency, the speed with which TFPD emergency response equipment and personnel arrive at the scene of the emergency is of paramount importance. Their arrival and initial mission to secure the aircraft against all hazards, particularly fire, increases the survivability of the passengers and crew on board. Our firefighters have advanced training in the application of firefighting foams, dry chemical and clean agents used to extinguish burning aviation fuel in and around an aircraft in order to maintain a path for evacuating passengers to exit the fire hazard area. Further, should fire either be encountered in the cabin or extend there from an external fire, the ARFF responders must work to control/extinguish these fires as well.