Board of Directors
Gary R. Botto
Victor R. Hernandez
Gerald W. Herrick
Erin E. Prado
Paul D. Wilford

Truckee Fire Protection District


Proudly providing service to portions of both Nevada and
Placer Counties and the Town of Truckee

Fire Chief
William G. Seline

Division Chiefs
Craig A. Harvey
Rod A. Brock


The Board of Directors of the Truckee Fire Protection District will meet in Regular Session on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 in the Truckee Sanitary District Boardroom located at 12304 Joerger Drive Truckee, California at 5:30 p.m.

The Board may take action on any item appearing on the Agenda unless specifically identified as “Discussion Only” or “Informational Only”.  The Board will not take action on any item not appearing on the Agenda except as permitted by Government Code section 54954.2.


1.  Call Meeting to Order.

2.  Roll Call.

3.  Pledge of Allegiance.

4.  Clear the Agenda.

5.  5:30 PM Public Hearing: Ordinance 01-2019; An Ordinance Setting Forth The Requirement of Wildfire Risk Disclosure and Defensible Space Inspections and Providing for

Enforcement Options and Penalties.                       

1. Adopt Ordinance 01-2019; An Ordinance Setting Forth the Requirement of Wildfire Risk Disclosure and Defensible Space Inspections and Providing

for Enforcement Options and Penalties.                                      

2. Letter of Support from Tahoe Donner Association.                                


Members of the public shall be allowed to address the Board of Directors on items not appearing on the agenda that are of interest to the public and are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Board, provided that no action shall be taken unless otherwise authorized by California Government Code Section 54954.2.  Each speaker will be limited to one (1) appearance and be limited to three (3) minutes, but speaker time may be reduced at the discretion of the Board Chairman if there are a large number of speakers on any given subject. There shall be no assignment of speaking time from one member of the public to another member of the public. The same procedures shall apply to public comment on matters that are on the agenda.

7.  Consent Calendar:

These items are expected to be routine and non-controversial.  The Board will act upon them at one time without discussion.  Any Board member, staff member or interested party may request that an item be removed from the consent calendar for discussion.

A.     Approval of December 18, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes.

B.      Approval of January 15, 2019 Regular Meeting Minutes.

C.      Approval of January 10, 2019 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes.

D.     Approval of January 24, 2019 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes.

E.      Check Register – January 2019.

F.      Finance Statement – January 2019.

G.     District Balance Sheets – January 2019.

H.     Fund Balance Report – January 2019.

I.        Monthly Call Report – January 2019.

J.        Training Reports – January 2019.

K. Personnel Status Report.                                                                               

8.  STAFF REPORTS:                                                                                  

A.  Chief’s Report.

1. Email from Carol Meagher Executive Director, KidZone Museum.  

2. Truckee Fire Grant Activity Report - 2019.                                                                                               

B.  Fire Marshal’s Report.                                                                                      

C.  Division Chief’s Report.

D.  Battalion Chief’s Report.


      A.  Report from any Standing or Ad Hoc Committee.

1.  Finance.

2.  Martis Valley 0% Tax Rate Area.                                                   


A.  Discussion with Possible Action: Mountain Housing Council Recommendations

B.  First Reading: Ordinance 02-2019; An Ordinance Adopting a Fee Schedule For Providing Fire Prevention Services.                                                                  

C.  First Reading: Ordinance 03-2019; An Ordinance Setting Forth the Requirements and/or Restrictions Pertaining to Banning Open Burning and Recreational Fires

During High Fire Conditions.                                                                           

1. Staff report.                                                                                                      

D.  Review 2018-2019 Nevada County Grand Jury Report.                                            

E.  Discussion with Possible Action: Notification of Nominations – 2019 Election SDRMA Board of Directors.                                                                                  

F.  Discussion with Possible Action: Retirement of Lead BBK Legal Counsel Brent Collinson.  


A.  Discussion with Possible Action: Placer County Zero Percent Ad Valorem Tax Rate Area, in the Martis Valley.                                      


The Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code sections 54950-54963) regulates Closed Sessions in Sections 54956.7 through 54957.2. Some, but not all, of the permissible items that may be discussed in closed session are threatened or pending litigation, specified employee matters, real property negotiations and threats to facilities, public or national security. A public report of any action taken in Closed Sessions is usually required at the conclusion of the Closed Session, including a report of the vote or abstention of any member present at that Closed Session.



A.  Review Thank you Letter from Cubby Holliday-Green.


15. Adjournment

Agenda Packets with any attachments are available for public review at the Truckee Fire Protection District Administration Office located at 10049 Donner Pass Rd. Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  In addition, a courtesy copy of the full agenda packet is available for review at the Truckee branch of the Nevada County Library.  Any documents provided to the Board during the meeting will be available for public review at the meeting or the District’s Administration Office after the meeting.

 Posted and delivered on January 10, 2019

 Joyce Engler, Administrative Officer / Clerk of the Board

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the District at (530) 582-7850.  Notification two business days before the meeting should enable the District to make reasonable accommodations to ensure accessibility to the meeting.